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Custom Structured Water-Soluble Products.  A modern approach to Water Soluble Technology.  State-of-the-art water-soluble products.  Pioneering One of a kind water soluble product.  Simplifying Advanced Infusion with Water Soluble Revolutionizing the Next-Gen Products Through Water Soluble 

Custom Water-Soluble Solutions.

Custom Water Soluble Solutions

Soulinu offers high quality immediate on-set water soluble for our producers. With more than 50 years of industry experience, we are here to help. This structured water solution offers immediate onset and cost effective.

We are a category 4 structured water soluble product at 32 nanometers, offering 90% bio availability. 

We understand that every product is different like every human is different. We brought beverages to market and have learned some valuable lessons and want to help you bring your product to market as soon as possible.

With 20 years of experience in creating commercial beverages, coming up with something delicious comes naturally. 


Our structured water offers solubility to our products, which offers no concern of separation or failing out of solution as it is diluted to water.​


Solinu's products are always third-party lab tested for all potential contaminants. We use all FDA high quality certified organic (whenever possible) materials in our formula. Approved.​

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We Craft & Enjoy Our Products & So Do Others! 

Some products may sound fancy, however, they don’t bring anything new or delicious to the market. With ours, Utilizing bio science, we also take pride in human science (taste-buds), from crafting the taste & after-taste to high bio availability with quick onset products.

It Just Works!

Unlike other claims of using suspended solutions, our state-of-the art technology offers a high return on investment without scarifying quality, benefits, or taste.


Gluten Free

GMP Certified

2018 Farm Bill Compliant

Created in Napa Valley

Napa Valley has been a hot bed for creating world renowned food and beverages. For decades we have honed our craft and dedicated our lives to producing craft products. Growing up in such an environment has groomed us to always perform at our highest caliber. We embrace the atmosphere Napa presents of quality and frivolity. Always putting our best foot forward and making products that we would enjoy in our own backyard.

With that state of mind we set out to create a water soluble product we could be proud to put our name behind. After years of trial and error we have solved the mystery of how to turn oil into water. We take pain staking steps to ensure we capture and retain all aspects of the cannabis plant all in one drop. Just like the trailblazers before us, we continue to innovate and create a whole new category of premium cannabis beverages.

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Producing batches in smaller to medium quantities has been proven to help with risk reduction. By utilizing pasteurization and other commercial grade practices, our clients are guaranteed the highest assurance of quality control.

We also have the ability to do large scale productions on-time utilizing our years of experience in the manufacturing and beverage industry. We are here to help you bring your idea, to production. We know that this can be quite a process but it is a challenge we enjoy.

By utilizing medical grade carriers, we are implementing the same proven techniques that are used in medical industry. This ensures fast, safe, and effective way to deliver 90% bio-available product.

Flat out definition is capable of dissolving in water, disappears in water. A true example of water soluble is mixing  salt or sugar into water, it disappears and does not have any fallout.

There are two types of water soluble, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Fat-soluble is stored in the fat and is processed through the liver and fatty tissue for future use.

Water-soluble is readily absorbed into the tissue and is available for instance use.  Too much in your system it will be excreted in your urine.

Soluble, partially soluble and insoluble.

Technically, we are not an emulsion, which is partially soluble.  It acts emulsion-like, but not an emulsion.  Anytime you are mixing oil and water, you are going to need some type of mechanism that provides a “trojan horse” to deliver the cannabinoids.  

The difference between “micelle” and “emulsion” is that micelle is a colloidal aggregate, in a simple geometric form, of a specific number of amphipathic molecules which forms at a well-defined concentration, called the critical micelle concentration, while an emulsion is emulsion.