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What makes SoulinU different from other CBD products?

SoulinU is a water soluble product that was first developed as a beverage drop and has evolved to be used in a variety of ready to drink beverages. The majority of beverages on the market place utilize nano technology that is based on nano suspension. SoulinU has innovated a structured water soluble product that enables very high bioavailability.

What does it mean Water Soluble?

TL;DR: Flat out definition is capable of dissolving in water, disappears in water. A true example of water soluble is mixing salt or sugar into water, it disappears and does not have any fallout.

There are two types of fat-soluble and water-soluble

  1. Fat-soluble is stored in the fat and is processed through the liver and fatty tissue for future use.
  2. Water-soluble is readily absorbed into the tissue and is available for instance use. Too much in your system it will be excreted in your urine.

There are 3 different types of solubility:

  1. Soluble
  2. Partially Soluble
  3. Insoluble

Technically, we are not an emulsion, which is partially soluble. It acts emulsion-like, but not an emulsion. Anytime you are mixing oil and water, you are going to need some type of mechanism that provides a “trojan horse” to deliver the cannabinoids.

The difference between “micelle” and “emulsion” is that micelle is a colloidal aggregate, in a simple geometric form, of a specific number of amphipathic molecules which forms at a well-defined concentration, called the critical micelle concentration, while an emulsion is emulsion.

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