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Our Technology

SoulinU pulls from decades of advancements in pharmaceutical technologies. Our technology offers optimum delivery of cannabinoids while producing a hydrophilic structured water for fast and effective formulations. 

Our top priority is to help you create the most delicious and effective product possible. With years of experience in cannabis and beverages we are able to point out possible hurdles and will guide you to success. We believe in helping big and small companies alike, no project is too small. We all start at the bottom, we are here to help you take the next step in creating the beverage of your dreams. 


Before we dive into the differences between live resin and live Rosin, it is great to know that both are considered an extract or concentrate. So, they are the same but on opposite sides of the spectrum of extracts.

Live resin is considered by us and our peers as being the best, because of the color, appearance, smell, taste and texture. Live resin extracts utilize liquified gasses for extraction. The natural terpene profile and all the essentials remain or come through to the finished product. Live resin captures the whole plant’s essence and truly delivers a cultivars’ true effects and desires.

Live Rosin in comparison holds the top honor as a true concentrate, top of the field for dabbing and other uses as a concentrate. It holds onto the terpene and taste profile as good as live resin if not better. It is a clean non solvent extraction using a heat source and mechanical pressure. This labor intensive process offers smaller yields but nothing comes close to a straight extraction process. The best for dabbing!


We believe in making beverages with live resin to invoke the true essence of the cultivar in each drop. Using only Certified Organic Whole Hemp flower we want the terpene and flavor to come through along with its full spectrum of cannabinoids. Utilizing our own in house water soluble process, we are able to beautifully convert live resin into a water soluble extract that mixes perfectly with our beverages. Soultopia’s live resin comes out like a dark honey with the same viscosity with better mixing properties.

Try our drinks and you will see why!